CDC Gender Toolkit is supported through CDC Plus, CDC Group’s technical assistance facility, funded by UKAid from the UK government.

CDC would like to express its gratitude to the following organisations, initiatives and companies for content and guidance that has been used for the CDC Gender Toolkit.

The Gender Toolkit was developed under the guidance of Jen Braswell, Director, Value Creation Services, Arpita Raksit, Gender Lead, and Marijn Wiersma, Gender Lead (Interim).

The lead authors were Elias Habbar Baylac, Associate, Gender Team, Sonia Jordan Kirwan, Manager, Gender Team, Arpita Raksit Gender Lead, Sanjana Sunnak, Executive, Gender Team, and Katharine Tengtio, Associate, Gender Team.

CDC contributions included representatives from the following teams: Communications, Development Impact, Environmental and Social Responsibility, Funds and Capital Partnerships, Human Resources, Legal, and Value Creation Services.

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